Angina Updates E-Science 6th Webinar: Individualised treatment of patients with angina and HF - where do we stand after ESC 2021

Watch the recording of the 6th webinar of the Angina Updates educational initiative funded by Servier with Luis Henrique Gowdak, Giuseppe Rosano and Athanasios John Manolis.



  • New Guidance for management of HFrEF: focus on TIMELY and PERSONALIZED therapy Giuseppe Rosano
  • Recommendations for a more effective antianginal therapy Athanasios John Manolis


The Angina Updates educational initiative is developed by the Translational Medicine Academy (TMA) and funded thanks to an unrestricted grant provided by Servier. It brings together an international working group of independent medical experts specializing in Chronic Coronary Syndromes (CCS) and Angina. Discover more on the Angina Updates website.